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February 2020

The ‘Lost’ Update: Joined up health in primary care

When: February 5 and 6, 2020

Where: Moorland Garden Hotel, PL20 6DA

More information: Two days to focus on this vitally important stuff that is so often missed out for GPs and other primary care professionals managing patients with complex and chronic health problems.

By approaching everything through an up-to-date understanding of the links between human cognition, emotion and physiology
this course can meet many learning needs:
• Help with complex patients and chronic disease, including ways to guide patients to make positive change, and how to avoid medicalising their difficulties, with particular focus on depression and diabetes.
• Getting beyond ideas like resilience and wellbeing to understand clearly what people - including professionals - need to thrive.
• How things like exercise and social prescribing, and even the placebo response, link to our core expertise in biological sciences.  
• Avoiding dysfunctional and time-wasting consultations, finding the right words to make consultations more enjoyable and productive.
• No-nonsense summaries of trendy yet important subjects such as the sleep, the micro-biome, and chronic inflammation.
• A chance to get beyond the low-carb vs vegan 'diet wars', to appreciate the dietary approaches that we can confidently expect to support health.

How to register: Register here. The course approved by the British Society of LIfestyle Medicine.