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Devon LMC's Pastoral Support Service

The LMC Pastoral Support Network (PSN) aims to provide a broad range of support and guidance to GPs and practice managers who are encountering challenges in their work or personal lives. The PSN has a resource of Professional Support Officers who are GPs and lay professionals to offer their support and experience as seems most appropriate to each situation. From personal support for individuals, to facilitated partner meetings the objective is to help our primary care colleagues in practices in Devon to find positive solutions.

Pastoral cases are generally related to professional problems, partnership issues or some form of personal crisis. Once initial contact has been made with the LMC Pastoral Support Team, the nature or support or onward referral - such as legal or financial - will be ascertained.

Issues might include feelings of distress or workload stress, personal problems, feeling generally overwhelmed or confronted by a particular challenge which seems insurmountable. A pastoral call to the team will normally be taken by an LMC officer who will take a few details and if wished progress the request for support to a professional support officer. All calls and cases for ongoing support are treated in strict confidence and with sensitivity.

If you are aware of a colleague who is struggling and would benefit from some empathetic support, or you recognise that you are in trouble yourself, we recommend calling the team (01392 834020) and asking to speak to:

Hannah Baxter - Operations Lead: or;

Bob Fancy - Director of Operations: