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Occupational Health

An occupational health service is now available to NHS GPs and dentists working across the South of England.

The Heales Medical Group, an established provider of occupational health services began delivering the service on 1 April 2017, following a procurement process led by NHS England’s regional team for the South.

The service, which has been commissioned by NHS England, provides a comprehensive Occupational Health service for all GPs and dentists delivering NHS services in the South of England. This includes:

  1. Occupational health advice for GPs and dentists via an easy to use online portal, or by telephone, email, fax or post.

  2. Referral to the service for occupational health support in response to any short-term or long-term sickness absences, or with regards to health issues or potential health issues that may impact upon a GP or dentist’s role and ability to carry out their duties safely and effectively

  3. Health surveillance services (for example night-worker assessments, vaccination boosters)

  4. Support for GPs and dentists on the performers’ list retiring as a result of ill-health under an NHS, local government or private pension scheme

  5. Needlestick Injury advice and support to NHS GPs, dentists and healthcare workers, including trainees on 03333 449006.

  6. Occupational health screening/clearance services for GPs and dentists wishing to join the National Performers List. This includes the provision of any immunisations that individuals are required to have had before joining the Performers List. These occupational health screening/clearance services must be self-funded by applicants as part of the process for applying to join the Performers List.

The service is being provided in line with a national service specification, to ensure all NHS GPs and dentists working in England have access to a consistent and equitable occupational health service.

The occupational health service that is being provided by Heales Medical replaces any previous local arrangements for the provision of the occupational health services.

The service is in addition to the separate new NHS GP Health Service which has been procured by NHS England to improve access to mental health support for GPs and trainee GPs. Further information about how to access this support is available on the GP Health website

The Heales Medical support team can be contacted if you have any queries that are not covered by the information provided on their website. Their contact details are listed below:

Heales Medical
27 Bridge Street

Tel: 08448421755 Ext 4000


How to contact NHS GP Health Services


Tel: 0300 0303300