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National negotiations

National Negotiations

The General Practitioners Committee (GPC) is a standing committee of the BMA and is acknowledged to be the sole negotiating body for GPs working within the National Health Service. The LMC is a vehicle through which GPs on the frontlines of Primary Care can express their views, either individually or through their elected LMC members, and the LMC feeds these recommendations into the domain of national negotiating, which is the remit of the GPC.

Representatives within the GPC include elected LMC members from around the country, other representative organisations and professional bodies.  Policy recommendations and decisions are established during the Annual Conference of LMCs, when delegates from LMCs across the country spend two days debating issues related to all aspects of the delivery of Primary Care. It serves as the main policy making forum for the profession and the body to whom the GPC is directly accountable. The motions debated reflect the concerns and intentions of  'grass roots' GPs and directly influence the national policy negotiations undertaken by the GPC with the Department of Health. The GPC also advises the Secretary of State, the Department of Health and NHS Employers with whom it negotiates GPs' terms and conditions and their pay.

Devon LMC is keenly engaged in regional and national negotiations. Three members of the current LMC Board are elected GPC representatives.

Local GPC Representatives

Dr Mark Sanford-Wood was elected to the General Practitioners’ Committee in June 2012 as the representative for Somerset, North and East Devon. He attends GPC meetings in London monthly, thereby providing a strong link for Devon LMC at that level.

He is a Sessional GP from Barnstaple who works within the Executive office on a Thursday to perform his role as the LMC Medical Secretary.

Mark looks forward to receiving queries personally to support his constituents.


Dr Beth McCarron-Nash is the elected representative for South and West Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. She is a GP at Lander Medical Practice in Cornwall. She also attends the monthly GPC meetings, which are usually held in London.


Dr Mark Selman has been an elected representative for the GPC Sessional GP Sub Committee since 1999. The Sub Committee meets quarterly, but most of the work of its members is accomplished electronically, and the guidance it produces is available on the BMA website. 


Dr Bruce Hughes, Chair of Devon LMC and GP Partner in North Devon was recently elected to serve as a member of the GPC at the National Conference of LMCs in 2014. He has been re-elected for another 12 months to 2016.