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Media statement - Sustainability and Transformation Plan

8 February, 2017 
Dr Bruce Hughes, Chair of Devon Local Medical Committee, which represents GPs, said: “We note today’s report by the National Audit Office about the Better Care Fund, which reaffirms our serious concerns about transferring some hospital services and care into the community. 

“The report’s findings indicate that this approach doesn’t tangibly improve patient outcomes and experience, reduce emergency hospital admissions or save money – something we fear could be replicated locally as the same principle of community-based care underpins much of the Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP). 

“We urge our STP leaders to pause the transformation process in the local healthcare system and closely examine the report to ensure that the STP and its aspirations aren’t flawed. 

“We also ask for clarity about how any transfer in local activity from hospitals into the community will be funded and resourced, as general practice and some other healthcare services in the community are already grappling with heavy demand on stretched services. 

“We look forward to working closely with STP leaders in the coming months, as general practice is the gateway to the wider healthcare system and has a crucial role to play in the successful delivery of local transformation, to ensure high quality patient care.”