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Media statement - Referral Management Service

21 December 2016


Referral Management Service 

3 January, 2017

A spokesperson for Devon Local Medical Committee said: “GPs refer patients to hospital, or specialist clinics, according to their needs and following national guidance. The decision to refer is made in consultation with patients.

“Effective referral management helps ensure that patients are treated in the right place at the right time according to their needs – improving their health outcomes and experience.

The majority of patient referrals by local GPs are accepted by the referral management service.

“GPs are usually informed by the referral management service within 24 hours if referrals are rejected for any reason. This gives the GP the opportunity to quickly review the decision, discuss it with the patient and, if appropriate, recommend alternative treatment options to the patient.

Alternative pathways, and advice, are sent to the GP practice for any patient whose referral is returned.

“The LMC works closely with local commissioners to understand the reasons for rejected referrals, as these can potentially add bureaucracy and delays to treatment and unnecessary workload for GPs.”