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Practice Nurse – Honiton Surgery

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JOB SUMMARY: The post holder is responsible for the implementation and delivery of nursing services to the practice population. This will include assisting medical personnel, health prevention and screening activities. The post holder will provide direct care to support patients to live healthily, and to provide evidenced based care for those with long term conditions or specialist needs (i.e. Travel/ Diabetes/ Respiratory/ CHD/ Hyp/Well Woman.) Aspects of the above role are to be delivered within the boundaries of the role, NMC guidelines, and where applicable with the support of senior staff/ Lead practice nurse/ GPs


Ensure the smooth running of the treatment room and speciality clinics

Perform additional duties as able/ necessary, these include; Peak flow measurements, ECGs, Venepuncture, Ear Irrigation and the recording of clinical observations, Anticoagulation/INR clinics

The management of emergency situations, enlisting appropriate assistance as per Honiton protocols/ Resus guidelines/ NMC code of professional conduct

Assist doctors in the performing of clinical procedures, to include; Chaperoning

Offer general health care advice to patients, coordinating both initial referral and on-going care onto Specialist health professionals as/ when required

The assessment and treatment of wounds, and administration of injections (dependent on training and established competency)

Ensure pathological samples are collected and dispatched to the lab efficiently and appropriately

Administration of child immunisations (following appropriate training and competency achieved)

To be actively involved in the running of specialist clinics (i.e. Travel/ Diabetes/ Respiratory/ CHD/ Vasc)

NURSE LEAD IN THE AREA OF COSHH (change as necessary)

Maintain standards following health and safety protocols, policies and guidelines for Honiton Surgery

OTHER DUTIES (change as necessary)

Zolodex/Dopplers/Asthma (chronic disease management)


Self-motivating with continued education to ensure practice reflects the most up to date information/ policies/ protocols

The attendance of mandatory training, to ensure staff are kept up to date, and safe to practice in this setting

Appraisals are to be done on a yearly basis and learning needs identified/ addressed specifically at this time. New staff will have a basic follow up appraisal after the first 3 mths in post

Applies evidence based research to clinical practice

Is able to perform a comprehensive wound assessment, and initiate the relevant care required

Provides support and advice to less experienced colleagues


To produce accurate, contemporaneous and complete records of patient consultations, consistent with legislation/ policies and procedures

Assist with the collection and maintenance of statistical information required for research or audit

Attend and participate in GP/Practice Nurse meetings ( MIN attendance of 1 practice meeting every 3 mths) and to ensure information is disseminated

Recognise and work within own competency and code of professional conduct (NMC)

Maintain effective links with other agencies/ disciplines concerned with patient care within the practice, while maintaining confidentiality and working within ‘Caldicott guidelines.’

Have a good working knowledge of the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QoF) in relation to services provided by the general practice

Is able to use a variety of risk assessment tools to ensure a holistic assessment of patients is completed

Have a professional understanding of issues surrounding specifically child abuse, vulnerable adults and abusive behaviour


Employer to ensure staff to be up to date with vaccinations, (particularly Tetanus/ Hep B/ MMR) and employee to inform employer of any Occupational Health issues

To be aware of procedures/ protocols/ policies in relation to Health & Safety issues

Any concerns in relation to Health & Safety to be reported appropriately, to Lead Practice Nurse and/ or Practice Manager

Ensure that staff collecting intravenous blood samples do not undertake this procedure until Staff Hep B immunity is confirmed

Maintain appropriate level of cleanliness and hygiene

Ensure correct storage, use and disposal of treatment room drugs and sharps

All staff to undertake Health & Safety training on induction

Staff are expected to work to Health & Safety and Infection Control procedures relevant to their roles




RGN (Registered General Nurse)

MIN 12 mths post registration experience

Knowledge of the needs of patients with long term conditions

Competent in child immunisations ( < 2yr olds)

Knowledge/ understanding of PGDs (Patient Group Directives) and associated policies

Understanding of QoF (Quality and Outcomes Framework) and its relationship to General Practice

Work effectively as a team member


MIN 18mths General Practice experience

GPNFP (Gen Practice Nurse Foundation Programme) or equiv

Trained in obtaining cervical cytology samples

Female and male catheterisation

Shows the ability to lead a team