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General Practitioners Committee

National GP Representation

The national representative committee for GPs is the General Practitioners Committee (GPC) which meets monthly throughout the year. The GPC is a craft committee of the British Medical Association with full authority to deal with all matters affecting NHS GPs, whether or not they are BMA members. It is recognised by the Department of Health as NHS GPs' sole negotiating body.

Every part of the country has at least one spokesperson on the GPC to present its views and debate key issues. Throughout the year, papers are produced for discussion at LMCs and from time to time the GPC consults all GPs directly through surveys and questionnaires.

These are also available via the BMA website

The GPC has a continuous dialogue with the Secretary of State and his/her team through its national negotiators who are elected annually by members of the GPC.

The Secretary of State's team is supported by the senior civil service, the NHS England and the resources of the NHS and is supported by other professionals including public affairs and relations staff.

The issues negotiated nationally mirror those at local level, but also include the submission of evidence to the Doctors' and Dentists' Review Body.

GPC representatives and LMC representatives also meet annually at the National Conference of LMCs. Motions from individual LMCs across the country are debated alongside those from the GPC. The outcome of the debate determines the broad direction of the profession's national negotiations.

Priorities of the GPC

An overview and update on the key issues the GPC is working on is available here: GPC priorities