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Alternative Support Providers

British Medical Association

Problems can take hold of us at anytime. The BMA has a range of services to support and advise you.

Its confidential BMA Counselling is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 0330 123 1245.


The Doctors Support Network

Is a confidential support group for doctors who have, or are currently suffering any degree of ‘mental distress’. Doctors in difficulty can feel extremely isolated contact with and support from other doctors can be an essential part of recovery.

The Doctors Support Network offers an independent, confidential and anonymous support helpline for doctors who need to talk to someone, whatever their concerns. Staffed by trained volunteer doctors it is open to all doctors and medical students.


Ubuntu Counselling Services

The Ubuntu Counselling Services, a unique health and wellbeing social enterprise, specialising in practice evidence and evidence based practiced Multicultural Counselling. The service is rooted in the concept of ‘Ubuntu’ – the essence of being human.’ Ubuntu’ speaks particularly about the fact that you can’t exist as a human being in isolation. Referrals are accepted from any source, including self-referrals.

We recognise the importance of emotional protection and prevention against future stress and illness. Whilst there are several initiatives available for ‘doctors in difficulty’, we advocate that it is preferable for GPs, their organisations and their patients to act sooner and in a preventative manner, rather than later.


The LMC Pastoral Support Network

This can be accessed by calling or emailing the LMC Executive Team and asking to speak with Bob Fancy or Hannah Baxter. 

Telephone: 01392 834020


Mindfulness UK 

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