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About us

Who we are

Devon Local Medical Committee is the clinically led independent voice of grassroots GPs in the county.

What we do

We are:

  • A democratic body elected by, and comprising, local GPs, representing the diverse interests which make up general practice locally.
  • A representative body which canvasses the views of local GPs and represents them to CCGs and NHS England’s Area Team and other local and national organisations and which acts as a focus for debate on GP issues.
  • A statutory body with rights and responsibilities defined in NHS Acts and Regulations, which serves as the local representative committee for all NHS GPs.
  • A professional body concerned to promote quality and education and uphold standards of professional practice through encouragement and example in cooperation with other professional and educational bodies.
  • An independent body which represents the interest of general practice alone and acts as its advocate, free of political constraints and of the need to satisfy other interests.
  • A source of advice and support for all GPs in all matters affecting their professional lives and activities.

A more in-depth look at our role is available here.

Our values

To lead, represent and support local general practice.

Our key successes in 2016/17

  • ‘Golden engagement thread’ between the consulting room and the Commons.
  • Helped shape national policy for general practice, eg firearms licence certification
  • LMC representation on the national General Practitioners Committee – providing a link to the Government to influence contractual negotiations and improvements
  • Expertise, input and robust challenge around the local Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) process
  • Facilitative and leading role in establishing local Collaborative Boards
  • Provided practice support to a number of vulnerable local GP practices and individual GPs/Practice Managers around issues such as workforce, finances, mergers and CQC inspections
  • Provided pastoral support with a number of cases completed or ongoing
  • Negotiations process – more funding for patient pathways optimisation, 1% uplift on all enhanced services, agreement to use Tracker Practices, funding for blood tests for particular medical conditions, ensure no erosion of LES and PMS budget.
  • Hosted prominent local events including a workshop with Dr Arvind Madan, NHS England’s Director of Primary Care and Dr Sarah Wollaston, Chair of the Health Select Committee, plus the regional GPC Roadshow
  • Prominent national and local media and social media exposure about the challenges facing general practice including coverage on Sky News Online, ITV Westcountry and Devon Live and endorsement via the GPC and Healthwatch Devon Twitter accounts
  • Five-fold increase in the LMC’s social media following
  • Media campaign to encourage the public to attend GP practices for their flu vaccinations
  • Prudent management of LMC resources and finances.

Meet our Board

Under the Constitution of Devon LMC, the Board is delegated to ensure the execution of the functions of the LMC. The Board comprises 12 voting members. The Chairman, presiding over the meetings and a Treasurer who oversees LMC finances, are appointed by resolution of a General Meeting of Devon LMC the Chairs of the Sub Committees are elected within their Sub Committees and five co-opted LMC elected members are appointed by the Board. They are joined by the Director of Operations and a Lay Member.

The Board meets bi-monthly at Deer Park and members can be contacted directly or via the Executive Team.

Details of our Board members are available here: Our Board

Meet our Executive Team

The Executive Team of Devon LMC is employed by the LMC to carry out the functions designated by the Board. You can view their biogs here: Executive Team at Devon LMC

Our Sub Committees

Northern and Eastern LMC Sub Committee

South Devon and Torbay Sub Committee

Western LMC Sub Committee

How we are funded

We are funded by a statutory levy collected from practices - reviewed annually - and is based on an amount per patient. The levy for the LMC is currently set at 54 pence per registered patient. 

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